D&D4e Character - Fortuna v2

Name: Fortuna
Age: Claims to be 33 (is likely older)

She says her name is Fortuna but it seems a little too convenient for a woman of her occupation. She is a seer, a self-claimed diviner of the Yet Unknown. Her official job, prior to this more heroic pursuit, was "herb witch", making a living in rural villages where a practised midwife and discreet abortionist was always in demand.

She loves going to new places, meeting new people... and then conning them blind. Afterwards there's a hasty departure, which usually results in going to new places. Fortuna's wants are few.

She seems to be allergic to the truth and will always lie when confronted, even when she doesn't have to.

Despite the compulsive lying, the possible kleptomania, and a loose interpretation of personal property law - Fortuna doesn't seem entirely free of morals. She'd never intentionally cause harm or steal from a child. For someone who claims to see through the veils of time, Fortuna lives very much in the now. She doesn't save money, doesn't hold grudges, doesn't seem to plan ahead. The wealth she earns today is given away tomorrow. This probably doesn't bode well for the future.

When asked directly about her motives, she says she made a deal with a devil. She says she traded her homely life for a deck of cards. Personally, Fortuna muses, she thinks she came out ahead.


Fortuna was raised by a herb witch in some rural farming village in Cormyr where she learnt her craft. On her days off she mucked about with the Third Eye, telling penny fortunes for the girls in the village.

One summer's day in the middle of the market square, she was struck with prophecy. Her body went as rigid as a rake and her eyes rolled up into the back of her head. There may even have been drooling.

In the waning reign of the Moon
Hand turns the wheel and grey mouse ascend
Shuttle and reed across the loom
All sleep shall flee til journey's end

Should the Bane of Blades live past wake
The grey mouse fall in that dawning year
Weave sundered by far kinder Fates
And man, his freedom to revere

But should the Dread Beast rise that eve
Dark unbinding heralds endless war
His blood the promised price receive
The grey mouse shall be mouse no more

It was just her luck that she blurted this out in a language that no one else understood. The villagers, alarmed and frightened, threw stones at her for being "creepy" and "probably demon possessed." The next day, she was unwelcome in town. A bad harvest later and Fortuna found herself homeless, fleeing a burning cottage with naught but the clothes on her back.

In the intervening years she has learnt that it is safer to be an idiot charlatan, than it is to be "probably demon possessed."

Whereas before her Third Eye hardly worked at all, now her visions came with alarming intensity whenever she so much as thought about it, and often with detrimental side effects. If she was lucky, it would be something minor like an embarrassing rash or a twitchy eyelid. If she wasn't (and Fortuna soon realised she normally wasn't), it could be something really bad, like her horse breaking a leg during an escape, or a shipwreck of the ship she was on. Thus it was doubly safer for her to be the idiot charlatan, than it was to be a true seer.

Sometimes the Misfortune lasts for years... Ever since her first Doozy, Fortuna was cursed to wander the land with itchy feet and insomnia. It made her snappy and short tempered /all the time/. She doesn't remember those years very well. She recalls she went places and then yelled at people.

Upon meeting this troupe a few years ago, her itching, her twitching, whatever strange grip this Misfortune had on her mind suddenly abated. For the first time in twenty years, she was able to sleep uninterrupted. Fortuna is certain that somehow this Party is related to her prophecy but she doesn't know how or why or what. She doesn't really care, however - after twenty years of searching, it is enough for her to know that she is finally where she is supposed to be.

Fortuna's real name is Iris, but only she would know that. It's also not really a big deal.


Those being fennel, acacia paste, penny royal, ground seeds of wild carrot, aloe mixed with beer, root of the birthwort, asarum, artemesia from Thay, celery seeds in high doses, seeds of the chaste tree, dittany, hair of love, a mix of wine and juniper or cyprus chips with mint, thyme, rosemary and hyssop, toxic rue in high doses, squirting cucumber from Chult, and the humble willow.