Name: Kremlin
Age: 29

Beau the Wizard had enslaved his goblin tribe and was using them as test subjects for his MAD experiments. Kremlin was "employed" as an assistant when it was discovered he had a talent for artificing and alchemy. In an attempt to free his clan, Kremlin intentionally created an alchemical disaster that exploded in a 20 mile radius, destroying the wizard's laboratory, the wizard... and all of his clan. He survived due to some ingenious quick thinking, which may have involved a bath tub.

He is now on the run from the wizard's multitude of apprentices who are out for vengeance.

He feels that the wizard picked on his tribe because they were poor and of no significance to anyone. He believes that if he were rich, then he would be of significance, and this would never happen again. Kremlin is on the hunt for wealth.


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