Tarot Deck

01 Fool "Mind your step"
02 Magician "Great minds think alike"
03 High Priestess "Trust your instincts"
04 Empress "Good things come to those who wait"
05 Emperor "Who's your daddy?"
06 Hierophant "It's right behind you"
07 Lovers "If it's easy, it's probably wrong"
08 Chariot "To the victor go the spoils"
*09 Strength "I ain't got time for this"
10 Hermit "Did anyone bring a light?"
11 Wheel of Fortune "I have a good feeling about this"
*12 Justice "The center does not move"
13 Hanged Man "Better get a second opinion"
14 Death "Nothing begins and nothing ends"
15 Temperance "Everything in moderation"
*16 Devil "Everyone has a price"
17 Tower "How fragile we are"
18 Star "Anything can happen"
19 Moon "Crazy is you amplified"
20 Sun "Everything is going to be alright"
21 Judgement "Time to change"
22 World "Are you ready?"