I had this thought in the shower yesterday.

I was rereading Traitor's Knot and had Davien running around in happy circles in my head, weaving tangles of his own. I'm pretty sure I have his motives down (although it is never wise to think you've gotten hold of Janny's devious plots).

But why was Davien rendered discorporate?

It's something that I've been thinking about.

I said before that perhaps it was done as a sort of scapegoat act - so that people might have someone to blame... of course, even then I felt that was odd. The Fellowship are not ones to be swayed by public opinion - or they would've put their foot down on on Lysaer many years ago. That and the act of Davien losing his physical form actually occured a few decades after the uprising. If it was a scapegoat act, surely the Fellowship would have done it in the heat of things to calm the mob.

So that was out the window.

But I didn't have another theory.

Until last night!

So if Davien was not rendered discorporate as:
1) punishment; (while they do not disclose this fact to the general public, any Fellowship sorcerer will tell you that it was not an act of punishment)
2) curiosity; (Davien says that he greatly disliked being discorporate, so it was not a state that he would have preferred.

then it could only have been:

3) Necessity

But what could possibly need the body of a fellowship sorcerer? It could not have been that they required a spirit form conjurer, since Luhaine and Kharadmon had already lost their forms. (Unless it required 3 discorporate sorcerers!)

What disaster might've happened during this time, that would need grand conjury such as this? We have a variety of options of course:

1) Mistwraith devilry! Highly unlikely - the Fellowship didn't not make any grand discovery about this entity until after our princes arrived. It did not reveal itself as anything other than mist at this time.
2) A desperate bid to save the kingdoms. Again, this occurred about about 50 years after the uprising. There is civil war of course, but the crisis would have passed and the last heirs would have escaped already.
3) Paravians. I am hesitant to think the paravians would need a body in anyway. This almost borders on dark magic and I think they'd be very distressed about this kind of thing.

but then...

4) Traithe.

Why didn't I think of this?

Traithe would have just been crippled severely, as bad as being completely paralysed. He has lost his mage sight, something he's come to depend on for the last Age.

I think the Fellowship would have been desperate for him to recover; out of both love and need.

The Raven. I've never bothered much about Traithe's raven. There's alot of mystery about it - where did he get it from? Why is the physical form male but the spirit form female?

Traithe got the raven after he lost his mage sight. It was intended to act as a "bridge" so that he could still cast some magics. I always assumed that Sethvir gave him the bird, although I can't recall why I thought this way.

The physical body is by no means simple. An ordinary bird could not have lived for so long. So I propose that this is what happened to Davien's body. The spirit that inhabits the form is something different... It would be female, in accordance to the Law of Major Balance. As for Davien's body being human and the raven being.. a bird, well, this could also be the root of how Davien can change from human to eagle at will.

What am I suggesting? Perhaps the Fellowship found a way to help Traithe, but this required a sacrifice. A physical body with a drake's binding of eternal life and mage potential, and a spirit to answer the call... Davien (being the only real candidate) offers up his own (partially out of guilt?). It has been said many times that Davien has a physical form that can vanish/change into eagle at will. Perhaps he was inspired here?

There are many gaps in this theory, but it is just that. My main grief with this is that... this whole thing seems a little dark. Letting another spirit possess an empty body? It's almost like necromancy, which is what disturbs me. I do not think the Fellowship would ever have such dealing with that kind of practice...

Of course, what makes a spell "dark" or "light" is just a matter of purpose.
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