Unmarked thoughts

A guildmate said to me today: "you should flirt more with strangers and get free items."

I find on large mmorpgs like World of Warcraft you get certain types of players.

For some females, there is a certain attribute that reveals itself. When these girls are surrounded by males that are unable to judge them for their appearance, they tend to become ridiculously flirtaeous.

It becomes a demand that everyone must admire them - which is partly why they play a vital role such as a healer.

This usually results in a expectation that they must be treated better than others, given free items, and they usually go out of the way to lure admirers with sexual tension. It doesn't matter what she looks like in real life - in the game world, she is a princess and needs to be worshipped.

These girls are usually so insecure that they require constant affirmation of attention. They'll post pictures of themselves on the internet, usually ones that reveal large portions of skin/bewbs with emphasis on the girl part. It's a trend usually from the single chicks or the chicks who are not what you might call attractive.

I can't help but wonder about the insecure girls, so unsure of their appearance that they have to manipulate the emotions of strangers to feel confident. The worst part is; the boys who do fall for the trap are usually shy and inexperienced. You could end up doing so much emotional damage to these people.

Then, of course, there's the other kind of girl - the one who you'll party with for ages; always assuming she's a guy until one day someone tells you; "you mean _she_?" These girls are self possessed, I have known a few of them and they are so admirable.

As for myself; I don't think I am so confused that I require a doting male retinue. Being friends is about giving and sharing, not about taking. The people that I meet, I appreciate because they are far more interesting as a witty companion than as a fanboy.

I'd like to think you get more respect this way.

In fact, it really disturbs me to see people try and get personal in whispers. Being perfectly happy with my own, I really don't want the same kind of attention from a different person. (It's funny, because sometimes I am not even sure if the other player knows I am really female.)

What should girls be most wary of on the internet? I think there is no better truth than to say that the greatest enemy is yourself. Avoid advertising yourself; it's the gateway to all sort of harassment.

As as for guys; take the advice of my raid buddy and assume that all players are male until you meet them in real life. Don't give away your dignity so fast for a potential.

You can't expect to toy with someone's heart without affecting your own.
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