Warcraft Expansion

I'll probably roll a male elf warrior, simply because they look bishounen. Now I can finally have some ass to look at while I play. I actually really like the macho feel of the night elf male, but having a little frail thing is fun too. And the things you can do with their hair! Although I hate the fact that they're all blond. Surely there will be some variation on the colouring, I hope.

Not sure what I think about the Draenei. The character designs look alot more interesting - especially that weird symbol thing above their heads. I am interested to see that alliance has a character that have both a tail and hooves that can wear shoes.

I feel the new female races are really boring looking. They have such a limited range of facial, all along the lines of young and pretty. I understand that maybe the race doesn't age... but atleast some of them should have big noses and tiny eyes. Unless all of them are inbred, of course.
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