Regarding animals and eating

My marketing exam went surprisingly well. Considering I didn't go to half the lectures or bother with much of the group assignments. I will be the first to admit that I am antisocial. Marketing is not the best subject for me since I am reclusive by nature. But understanding general concepts is so much easier in marketing than it is in, say, chemistry. And there's no calculations involved; just a lot of thinking in circles. I do that anyway.

Speaking of thinking in circles; I was recently struck by the amount of hate the PETA has in general - claims of hypocrisy and "a bunch of hippies who think eating meat is a sin." What I find, however, is that the majority of the people who claim such things is the typical american bloke who has heard of these opinions from their friends' friends; but without evidence to support, or indeed, any reason for such personal hate.

Such mindless belief steaming from ignorance - doesn't this anger you?

I eat meat because I understand our body needs the proteins - which despite what your vegetarians will claim - some of which can only be gotten from meat. Humans are omnivores and we need the balance of food which happens to include animal flesh. When it comes down to it; we are at the top of the food chain anyway.

What I don't condone is animal cruelty. There is a very big difference between eating meat and torture. To say that "I love my meat so I will go on kicking any animals I happen to come across" is possibly the dumbest, most ignorant redneck comment any 14 year old idiot could make - thus proving that education doesn't teach you wisdom.

What I did know, prior to being informed by PETA, was that our chickens, beef, milk etc, were not produced under a friendly environment. What the PETA website showed me was the extent of animal cruelty on your typical commercial farm. Yes, they also told me that the best way I could help was by going vegetarian (seriously, who believes that?) but I don't have to obey it. No one does. But like the saying goes; don't shoot the messenger.

If your child sees a video about a man dropping a brick on a pig's head and reacts to it then you should be glad. You have a child with a conscience. Don't hide him away from that; children should know where their meat comes from and just how ugly commercialisation can be. If he wants to turn vegetarian; you can tell him that it will not save all those poor animals and that throwing the meat that they died to give into the garbage probably isn't very appreciative.

And this isn't me supporting PETA. I don't think I need to support a organisation to be firmly against animal cruelty. Killing for meat is necessity. What is not necessity is mindless animal suffering. A cow with a broken hip can be given a clean shot to the head; does she have to be dragged across five miles by rope and set upon by dogs? It is not hard to check a pig is completely dead before you begin to harvest her meat.

I don't understand what sort of human it takes to find joy in watching an animal suffer. But I guess in today's world you can't make a profit without exploitation.
Re: Regarding Animals and Eating
Well-stated. I agree with you that the human animal is a natural meat-eater and should remain so. However, keep in mind that the problem we are facing here is huge, monstrous, world-wide; and that every little contribution from every person is helpful. So, if a segment of people want to offer their resistance by going vegan, then that's not a bad thing. Some will do that. Some will eat meat and dairy products only from animals that are treated with respect and compassion. Some will respond through legal channels (my personal choice): signing petitions, voting for propositions, writing their elected officials, and so on.

From "Dark Angel" (Season One)----"It's All Good"

Larry Parker