Unmarked thoughts

Someone once told me; even though a guy is not handsome girls will still like him if he can sing or play the guitar or is incredibly funny.

When I think of this, it is very true. Many of our male artists today are not very attractive; only that they are talented but beauty can be created from it.

I discovered a plethora of David Tao and various other passing fandoms of mine on GoogleVideo and have been watching the multiples of music videos. David is not handsome. The lead singer of Yellow Monkey is far too guant for my likening. And yet, I enjoy them because they are talented and all have an element of self mockery.

I suppose this is charm. There is something very adorable about being able to laugh at yourself.

In any case; I picked out my current favourite videos from the overwhelming collecting:
My Anata is simply hillarious; if you can understand what he sings it's even better. The whole song is satirical and adorable.
Close to You is my favourite song even though the remix is way better. It's ballady and sappy; but it's full of emotion and touches that little part of your soul where you say "aww" at things like puppies and love stories.
Black Tangerine is a mix of soft rock, reminescent of the later style of Linkin Park. Probably heavily influenced but I still like it for the artistic pleasure. (And for note; short, lanky asian males should not walk around shirtless - it will only make me laugh.)
Who Do You Love makes me sick to my stomach, but in a good way. It plays on the fear of every girl but is a fascinating insight on the nature of relationships.

I figure it's like this. A singer who is uglyplain looking will more likely have a good voice than someone who has a stunning face. The plainer he is, the better his voice. And it works. David Tao is pop by definition, but his voice has a simple elegance - that nevertheless still manages to hit all the right notes... the notes in your heart that is - regardless of whether you like pop or not.

The best way to tell if someone sings well or not is to hear them in [Live]. Luckily I fell in love with the [Live] version of his sings before I heard the radio released ones, and in my opinion; David sings better live.

Tomorrow I will venture on and dive into the music video world of asian super star Richie Ren.