Unmarked thoughts

Er, anyway. Went out yesterday with my friend to her sister's hair dressing salon. Her sister is doing an apprenticeship and I figure I need a hair cut and she needs some experience. It's far fetched but it might just work!

I really like what she did - I wanted highlights and she gave me these amazing little streaks, I can't describe it, but it's subtle and it blends well and gives me natural variation so it doesn't look like I dropped a bucket of black paint on my head (but neither does it look like I went over my hair with a bottle of bleach).

She's good, but lacking confidence. I had no idea what I wanted and she was too shy to form an opinion. Her boss though, he comes over and starts telling me about layers, about giving my hair volume, and how my hair is too bottom heavy - except he does this all in a stream of japanese and I have nfi what he's talking about, but you just smile and nod cause he's waving around a pair of scissors.

I exaggerate, of course. He's pretty nice and I think my friend really does enjoy her apprenticeship. The whole shop is pretty much japanese, so all three of them are having this conversation that goes over my head. I know they're referring to me because I hear words like "taiwanese" and my name in engrish.

Well, it was $50 for styling, highlights, wash etc the shebang. That's pretty cheap actually - although there was a 50% discount. I'd go back - but the tight arsed part of me frowns at the thought of a $100 haircut. It's part of the pain of having long hair.

Anyway, Lina's wedding is coming up. We went out today and brought a dress. Did I mention I love stocktake clearance? I paid less for my formal gown than for my haircut.
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