Unmarked thoughts

I'm not one to go fangirling after artists.

I mean.. I like Johnny Depp, but I won't be screaming in a panic if he walks past me in the street (no, I'll probably just faint quietly).

But the lead singer of /\ucifer is so hawt.

And I mean HAWT!

Hawt in a way that makes you want to scream and giggle and roll around on the floor.

It should be illegal for anyone to be that good looking!

Of course, I heard the band broke up after 2 years. When I look at him and I look at their music videos, it's something really predictable. There are 5 band members and all the screen time is given to him. He's the lead singer and all he does is sing. I didn't see him pick up a guitar and probably they wouldn't have given him a triangle for fear of him screwing it up. He's just a pretty face and the sole cover of a band. How can this last? The older bands are all quite small and there is enough focus on all band members to satisfy.

I swear. Illegal.