Chemistry Laboratory

I can't decide if I hate my chemistry demonstrator or like him. Because he's pretty nice and stuff, but I just hate it when he ignores me. I'm not a demanding person... at least to my teachers anyway... so on the rare occasions when I do have something to say, I'd like to be heard without being brushed off like I was pocket lint.

Last week, I just want to get the answer to the experiment and have him mark off my work so I could go home. This'll take him about two minutes, to which he could then get back to flirting with the blond chick in earnest. I swear, the three times I said: 'Excuse me' he started talking to other people and then when I finally caught his eye, he turned around and walked away. That just fucking pissed me off so bad, that I got completely aggro in his face about it: 'Just sign the damn book.'

I did feel kinda bad about that.

I guess being quiet has it's own drawbacks. Or maybe he'd feel more inclined to talk to me if I was a 6ft leggy blonde.