Unmarked thoughts

Have been rereading Fugitive Prince on and off. Lysaer actually is pretty lonely in this book too, but somehow it was overshadowed by Arithon's angst. I think the only reason we noticed Lysaer's pain in TK is because Arithon isn't hogging the limelight anymore, so to speak.

Of course, Arithon and Lysaer angst about different things and react differently to their guilt.

Lysaer is so poised and stiff... he kinda brought it on himself but sometimes it's more like he was forced into the role. There's a passage in FP, in the scene that he's riding to the grimward, about how all he has left is his hatred of Arithon. I think that is very true. He has no family, no friends, nothing but his little "cause." If Arithon dies, I can not imagine what Lysaer would do.

He must be so lonely. It is worse to feel leftout when you are surrounded by people. Arithon has Elaira in his heart and so is never truly alone.
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