By some fluke

Really sort of coincidental.

Yesterday me and a guildmate decided to switch accounts for one raid because he was bored of playing a mage and I was tired of healing.

By some sheer amazing fluke, his password was exactly the same as my old one - and no, it was not something dumb like 12345 - when he told me the password I was like: "Dude, are you pulling my leg?" and he said: "no, I am not?" and I said: "WTFBBQ"

So as it turns out, he and his brother are both big fans of WoLaS. I spent some time chatting to his brother about Lysaer and Arithon and how Lysaer is a pretty intriguing sort of character and how Arithon is so emo and how they haven't read Traitor's Knot yet, to which I replied: WTFBBQ.

I am so happy about this. It's like thinking you are the last sane man on the planet only to bump into another person on the street wearing the same t-shirt that says likewise.

When I showed my brother the bit of paper I wrote the account details on, he also said: "WTFBBQ." I wonder how many people are out there who have like... exactly the same password?