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Since Fnoob ended raid, we've quit WoW.

In our spare time we've been playing LotrO. There's some things I like about it... visually, it's stunning. I love looking at the sky at night and actually seeing constellions in their proper places. The water is amazing. Being able to form your own band is cute.

I love being able to run around and visit all the places briefly mentioned in the books, and seeing just how vast Tolkien's world really was. The graphics contribute vastly to the atmosphere of the world... Middle-Earth is all about the rolling hills, the tall mountains, deep valleys... being able to reproduce that visually was important.

But when it comes down to it, I'm not convinced it's a great MMORPG. The world is based off the books, not the movies (thank god) and they were very precise in the lore of the world. But translating that makes it unenjoyable as a game.

The world is TOO big. Running from Bree to the Shire sounds cute, until you see just how big the map is. It can easily take you 15 minutes. Concepts like the Old Forest being maze-like is very accurate to the novel, but when you are actually running around in there, completely lost and no fucking clue how to get out... it's not so fun.

For LotR geeks like us, who are completely in love with the middle-earth lore, it's amazing to see it so faithfully reproduced. To be able to explore every aspect of Tolkien's novels, to climb atop Weathertop and watch the sunset, chat up Radagast (although I found it very strange they put him in a ruined tower of all things... Radagast should be in a forest with birds and animals) or even run all over Michael Delving and then jump in the Brandywine River... that is what makes me want to go back to LotRO.

For gamers who only want to play an MMORPG, it will be disappointing. LotRO lacks the polish of WoW's interface and the mail system is, frankly, a complete load of shit.

The questlines are awkward, although this improves towards later areas. The quest designer for Bree-lands should be shot or better yet, made to run every one of his damn quests and see how he likes it. Bree has zero flow to quest logic. One quest asked me to run right across the map to talk to some NPC before sending me back the same way to kill a mob... then back... and back again. It is horrendous. This quest easily took up a good portion of an hour, and I can say with complete honesty: 98% running, 1% mob killing, 1%npc talking.

I really want some kind of feed-back form, but I guess it is too late now that the game is released. Sorta surprised no-one complained about the stupidity of the questlines in Beta.

For people who are curious about the game because of the movie... well, movie-games don't last. When the fad is over, people leave. Look at Matrix Online. It will be interesting at first, but when the reality of the stupid quest runs kicks in, I doubt they'll stay.

I assume this is why LotRO is based more off the books than the movies. People who are fans of the book have been so for the last 50 odd years and are unlikely to change opinion any time soon.

But still, this game is unlikely to hook me (or anyone) in as WoW did for the last 2 years.

Btw; is everyone on LotRO from alliance or something? Aside from one guy, every player I have met have been jackasses. One guy I saw killing some mobs, so I thought I'd help him kill it faster. He had the audacity to tell me to stop stealing his exp. My jaw dropped a little at this. Perhaps he is just retarded?

I am hoping karma will kick in and one day I'll see him again, being gangbanged by goblins.
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