On the other hand, you should definitely pre-order Stormed Fortress.

Ninja'd off paravia's forum.


ORDER THE BOOK. EVERYONE. This boosts numbers and results in more favourable treatment from publishers on both sides of the pond. There might not be a hard back in the UK, but we may get one in North America. Then you UK enthusiasts could get a nice character-focussed cover!

SO PRE-ORDER THE BOOK. It's only 8.99 (UK pounds (I don't know how to get the "pound" symbol on-line)), which is about $18.00 US, $19.00 Cdn (woo hoo, our dollar is finally kicking butt!), plus the shipping. Thirty bucks for amazingly wonderful, sin-and-guilt-free pleasure!

And hey, your kids get to see you reading. How is that not being a good role-model? Beats them seeing you playing WoW for hours on-line, wondering why you're not teaching them to ride a bike or something (sorry, that was an unfair jab, but there it is).

Seriously, Angus, I really wish you'd stop denigrating some people's choice of hobby. How people choose to spend their time and money is no one's business but theirs. I really do think that making value judgments about what people find enjoyable is pretty insulting. Having spent years being told by my peers in school that reading fantasy was "a waste of time", I'm sure you can sympathize with my sentiment that what is or is not a waste of my time really should be up to ME.


I could kiss Lyssa. But I won't.

Some of the most arrogant people surf that forum. There was a WoW thread hovering around there but some idiot (a different one) kept coming in and making, frankly, snide comments, constantly putting down "gaming" as a choice of hobby. Which was a pity, cause I really did have some ideas about a theoretical WoLaS mmorpg, but coming in and seeing snarky little statements from someone who doesn't even understand the topic puts all the enthusiasm out of me.

Funny, for a forum about an immensely thought-provoking set of novels, you get a bunch of really closed-minded people. I can see these kind of people making generic statements about how gaming causes violence.

I don't understand alot of things in the world. I don't understand why people enjoy watching ruby on saturday mondays and racing on sunday afternoons. However, I wouldn't go to a sports forum and start making jokes about men grabbing balls and tricycles.

Is it too much to ask if people pay a little respect to things they don't understand?
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