My god, Vanguard sucks wang. I haven't even managed to load the game and it starts off with -50 points for being a pain in the ass to install and register.

Log on (atlast, 3 days after the game is brought) and the server is.. abyssimal. Lagging everywhere, skill delays, mobs jumping, as bad as... well, when WoW was first out. I actually had to turn my graphics to ziltch in the hopes of reducing some of the lag so now the game looks like utter shit too.

On the up side, seems to have a much more original gameplay than LotRO. If I wasn't so pissed already and if the server wasn't a load of shit, I might actually enjoy this game.

It's worse for my brother though. I'm just on the free-trial (although the 3 days of patch downloading actually means I used up 3 days of gameplay, despite me not even seeing on pixel of game) His cd-key was eaten after the register form timed out... So he had to get the Devs to look into it for him - and of course, the offices don't open on the weekends. So he has to wait til Tuesday for them Americans and their crazy times.