Rules of Robots

If I was ever going to build a robot race, I would apply these rules vigorously.

A robot should not have feelings.
You think it's a good idea, but it isn't. A robot is not happy or sad unless you make them that way. If it does not feel pain, or shame, or anything, then it is ok to make it do the shit stuff people don't want to do. If a robot does not have feelings then other people won't get emotional about their "rights."

A robot should never be:
a) humanoid - Never give them conventional eyes or a "face". When they look like humans, people start thinking they are humans. Robots are not humans and should never ever be. If you don't design them to feel emotions or "think" then there will be no confusion. A robot should never have a gender.
b) cute - see above. To make something cute is to make it a target for affection.
c) frightening - see above. To make something scary invokes hatred in humans. A robot is, afterall, property and should be respected.

A robot should not engender any strong emotions in humans.
The best robot is the unnoticed robot. I like the idea of nanobots. If he needs to be seen then a robot should resemble a box. A robot should be unobtrusive like wallpaper.

Because a robot does not have feelings or free thought, it should only be allowed to perform simple tasks. A robot should never be in a war environment - war is a dirty human business and losing loved ones reminds us why peace is precious. A robot should not be in a position where the decision of life or death is in its command.