Reading: Dragon Reborn

I feel Rand can be described thusly:

"Am I going insane?"

"I won't go insane!"

"I think I've gone insane!"

Wait. You're... you're reading Wheel of Time? HAVE I GONE INSANE TOO?

I'm also reading the 3rd book now. How strangely coincidental.

I found out about RJ's death about a week ago too. I hear the 12th book will still be published, as he made enough notes about it so that it can be finished.

Sometimes, now, when I read WoT now I can't help but get that sadness that he's gone, and the chances of there being any more novels after the 12th are slim to none. There was still so much he wanted to write.

Dying before you get to finish something you'd been working on for 20 years is a pretty terrible way for any author to go.

Aye, I be reading WoT. My eldest brother brought the first book in a three book bargain special and Mark ended up ordering the rest on amazon.

Actually, I heard that he did finish the book but it wasn't complete-complete. Prolly needed proof reading and editing? I also suspect that the size of the book will mean it will get published as two volumes instead of the one.

Uh. Does Morraine die in book 4 or book 5? I am kind of.. hesistant about progressing from here cause I know after she dies, there's no hope left. The thought of BatLocoBitch with Lan makes me vomit - seriously, Lan is retarded to see anything worthwhile in there.


12 was scheduled to be published in 2009, so I'm not sure what it's completion status was... but reportedly his family has heard all of the plot, so whatever is unfinished will be completed from the details they have. After the main series, he also wanted to write a prequel or two and some 'outrigger' novels dealing with other characters (Mat and Tuon! Argggg *weeps*). Given he said it would be finished in one book 'even if it was 1500 pages long' it may well end up being two books. I can't conceivably see how he would satisfactorily tie up all the loose threads in one novel. Lord of Chaos' 1000 pages is already super thick.


Moiraine 'dies' in 5 though there are significant hints that she's not really dead and will return in the final book/s. They start to... plod a little after book five (You might remember me complaining that NOTHING HAPPENED in book 10 at all) but 9 and 11 are reasonably redeeming. And 7 makes me chortle because of Tylin 'harassing' Mat (But you know where my character loyalties lie anyway...)

Lan and Nynaeve do, erm, 'hitch it', but Nynaeve does something in 11 which is actually kind of cool and not altogether irritating (You could say she finally acts instead of complaining).