Reading: Mistress of the Empire

I think I will name one of my kids Lujan. It's a pretty interesting kind of name and quite easy to say. Arakasi is a little bit more of a mouthful.

Speaking of which, when Lujan says he was the Kotai Strike Leader, he made a mistake and really meant Tuscai. According to Janny, the Kotai reference is probably an error (clearly she don't remember what they agreed on when that part was written!)

Er. Anyway. Agreeable List of Names for children:

While I like Elya, Arithon, etc I find it sort of ungainly to say. You want a good name you can yell when they've done something wrong. Nominally, this is a two syllable word with a strong emphasis on the last syllable. Because a short word like this eliminates any real use for nicknames, you also need it to be comfortable to say amongst friends.

I wonder if children appreciate me trying to find a cool name for them. Lujan would be an awesome name with an awesome role model, but what if my son decides he really wants a normal name like... Bob? I think it would be nice, when my kid is something like 15, to give him DoE and say, "this is your namesake, I read this book when I was 15 and thought he was the most awesome thing ever (next to Arakasi)"

Girl names are harder. The only female character I've really admired was Kettriken and I can't even say her name, let alone yell it.

I worry about it though - you need a name that is easy-to-read or kids will go ballistic. You also need a name that doesn't rhyme with any words that could be abusive. The "lu" part in Lujan causes me stress, because kids under 12 are retards and will pounce on that like a fat kid on a cupcake.

I hope my kids will enjoy reading. I suppose Harry Potter is good as book bait.