JoCo Song of Today

My Monkey.

As an aside: 53 volumes of Inu Yasha and no end in sight. Truly amazing.

The most interesting part is, I read all of 53 volumes and have no freaking clue what happens in 49 of the volumes. But the important parts are summarized as thus:

Inu Yasha: I have a big sword. I want a bigger sword.
Sesshoumaru: If only I had Inu Yasha's big sword.
Kagome: Even though I will change clothing when I go home, whenever I go to Inu Yasha's world, I must wear my school uniform.
Kikyou: I am dead. Now I live. Oh, I am dead again.
Naraku: I, and 99.9% of the fan population, only read this series for Sesshoumaru.