Avatar and the... CBFtothinkupstory.

I'm not sure if it's because now I have to wait week by week for a new episode, but I am finding it really hard to ignore the holes in Avatar.

The idea that Sokka trained for 1 day with his "master" only? The whole beach thing was too obvious to me as fangirl fodder (and the bit where Azula and friends forces a confession out of Zuko seems a lil ooc to me). And don't get me started on Katara!

It's sort of reached a stage where they don't even bother to make a story for recap. It's not like "The Storm" where there was a backstory to the... backstory. This latest episode just starts off with Aang being told, out of nowhere, "g2home inc vision".

That whole story could've been told solely for Zuko's sake, except for the fact that it would logically be biased. It would've been ok to make it stand alone too, not actually connected to the current story, except they wanted to tie Zuko's inner battle to it.

Might've been better if they just landed accidently on that ash covered island (or is called to it, ala Swamp) and Aang gets vision from seeing familiar territory, instead of the whole Roku dream out of nowhere. It's just too ungainly to be tolerable.