Reading: The Shadow Rising and other.

First off: lol.

Secondly: The baby is a boy! Apparently his name will be Keith. (Now don't let my brother know, but I reckon the name is a little.. dorky. If he wanted a K name, what's wrong with Kevin or Kyle or er, Keanu. Keith just doesn't ring of 'cool.')

Thirdly: book stuff

I think I'm starting to read slower now. For example, it took me the good part of the week to read The Shadow Rising.

I am sort of resigned to Lan and Nynaeve. It's gonna happen, hells knows why, but it is. Thankfully, BatLocoBitch was not as crazy due to being separated from Morraine, target of her, er, objections.

Egwene I even sort of like.

But on the other hand, I can NOT understand why women seem to fall for Rand. Upon discussing this with my brother, we have decided the real reason women fall for Rand is because it was Jordan's dream to be with 3 women and 1 homicidal loon all at once.

And it's a bit too obvious that wossname, the Aiel girl is the third one.

I find myself really bored of Perrain. He's a nice guy, I like him, I even sort of like the girl Faile - to an extent; both of them are so stubborn that I've decided it's easier to see it as amusing rather than irritating. But just because I like him, doesn't mean I give a shit about him. I find myself dazed, eyes skimming all over the place when I have to read through his bits.

The things that really surprised me was the White Tower falling... I knew it was coming, but it all happened sort of fast. And I really enjoyed the bit where Rand goes BACK THROUGH TIME (!!!) Seeing glimpses of the Aiel history was a hell lot more interesting than anything else I read during this novel.

It worries me when I'm told things will only slow down from here. I thought, for a novel of this size, remarkably little actually happened. Two things: Morraine no longer has support from the White Tower and Rand gains Aiel supporters. That's like the whole novel in a nutshell.


Also finally read Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade.

I find myself thinking I completely missed the political references of this novel, which is a pity because it ties into the storyline quite deeply. Diana's attention to personal feelings is what makes her so freakin' kick arse a writer. I find myself deeply emphasizing with John's dilemma, torn between lover and duty. In short, he felt very real to me, what he says and does; how he thinks.

What he feels.

It was a little bit graphic but not as graphic as, say, a yaoi fanfic. I was warned it was graphic so I was expecting something to make me cringe, but I guess I have been burnt so thoroughly that all nerves have been rendered dull.

It's hard to say what I feel about the novel in the end. As I missed the political references I felt... say your friend underwent a traumatic experience, you don't really understand but it doesn't stop you from feeling their pain or wanting to help.