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Guild thinking of a server transfer.

I feel it's a really foolish idea but what can you do? If they go, I'll probably move, against my judgement. (Plus it's really expensive)

We'll lose a fair few good raiders in the transfer... I understand the officers feel at this rate we won't last out the year on our current server. But I think moving will only speed the process.

I'm wondering if that's not what they're hoping. Change servers and just apply to another one on the new server. Heck, they'd get in where ever they look, just because they have the gear everyone wants.

If the raid goes, and we stay, I have no idea what we'd do. We could apply for another raid I guess but... and if we go, I be forced to break ties with our friends. I really don't want to leave.

Part of my feeling is... they're tired of leading and just want to follow. But when you've been leading for a long time, it's hard to make people see you as otherwise. I guess that's the real charm of transferring.

Of course, understanding what they feel doesn't solve my problem.

Even if the votes say no, half the officers will still go and then the raid dies. It's pretty much come down to whether you think the content is worth it.
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