I hate girls who scream.

At the beginning of this week, I told myself that I would sit down and study. After taking one look at the mess I call home, I thought: "there is no way you can study in what appears to be a small bomb site." So I tidied up.

While cleaning, I found a chinese music CD in a tattered plastic slip. It looked interesting so I popped it into my CD reader and played it. My first thought was: "oh gods, this is a boyband."
A few songs later, I came across what could only be called an intermission. It was one of those living recordings from a concert or something, and the singer (unknown at this time) confessed that his lips were too dry to sing. The following dialogue with the screaming fangirl audience progressed: "Does anyone have any lipbalm? Oh thanks- Hey, what are you trying to pull here? This is lipstick!"
I have to admit that this made me crack up and fall off my chair from laughter.

Anyway, I managed to fall in love with a few of the songs on this CD and have been listening to it repeatedly while I study and while I raid Molten Core in WoW combined with the amazing vocal skills of my guildmates.

The artist's name - I found out through the powers of the internet - is David Tao.