More Earthsea Ranting

Everytime I hear the opening to earthsea, I burst into a fit of emorage. Therru's song is nice but SHE DOESN'T SING. So much potential ruined.

And the burn on her face is far too "pretty" for me. Heck, the girl was raped, beaten half to death and then tossed in a fire, she should be a half wreck mess of scars not a little burn on the side of her face that would make Zuko jealous.

I actually really liked Tehanu. The writing style is completely different but it made me feel like Tenar was more human and more warm. The opening when she first sees Therru always makes me a lil weepy; Le Guin has such a way with words.

She goes off her rocker a bit about the whole feminist thing, but I like to think of Tehanu as a novel about Tenar and Ged, Tenar and Therru, rather than Tenar and the rest of mankind.