Rocks fall. Everyone dies.

Had alot of fun up to the point where Shandra dies. I really liked her. But of course, they don't give you a choice in the romantic options. Elanee can suck my metaphorical cock. If it wasn't for the fact that I heard you get some kind of bonus for shagging her, I would've blown her off at "hi."

Also took great pleasure in smashing my fist into Qara's face at the end. Damn she was annoying. I should've snubbed her from the start and screwed trying to gain influence with her. Sand is so much cooler and I don't have to babysit him all the time.

I also don't like how the dialogue with the companions don't change over time. The only one who even noticed Shandra died was that gnome, the others are all like "wah?" It's like... the chick I liked died and you guys don't even care!

Seriously though. The ending fails in so many ways.

Bad Voiceover? Check.
Ugly "graphics"? Check.
Retarded plot finish? Check.

I suppose I should see about the expansion; although if my companion really do die by rocks, I shall have to throw something.

My only joy was in watching my little fort grow. Wouldve been nice if you actually saw more merchants and stuff.

Oh and too many bugs.