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-Taken from guild forum thread-

I feel you guys completely missed the point of this argument.

You seem to be unaware/unwilling to admit that certain words could be offensive in certain circles. Most of us in guild are fairly used to the stuff said in gchat and no one even bats an eye when Ens rages.

That being said, not everyone in WoW is as tolerant as us and for the sake of the guild name, you should respect that. ie. Shut the fuck up if someone tells you stop instead of arguing about your right to free speech (although it's not so much free speech as your right to be a jackass).

This case of HTFU should apply to yourself. All you need to do is take the adult's responsibility and shut up. You would not rage at someone in real life if you are told you are being offensive. I see no reason why anonymity on the web gives you the right to start now. This is like a bunch of prepubescent teenagers armed with a gun.

And I'm not sure why you would seriously /want/ to be on someone's ignore list. Is being a jerk really something to be proud of?

Although this refers to outside of guild, it applies inside as well. To be honest, if someone offended me to that point of /ignore - because, as they claim, I should HTFU and just let them run their mouth off at people rather than make a stand against them - then I'd much rather not be in the same guild. You wouldn't want to be associated with people you hate or are otherwise ashamed of, after all. I'm sure this opinion is not limited to myself.

I feel like I'm arguing with a brickwall so I will stop now. In fact, this Monkey abuse thread has been the victim of some serious thread hijacking and should probably be locked or cleaned up.

I was actually really surprised people would defend their right to use racial slangs. Why is being polite and respecting other people so difficult?
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