So in my presentation today, I mentioned the concept behind my composition.

Often in art, especially art galleries, there is some kind of theme. It could be politics, sexuality, feminism etc etc. Personally, I find the whole thing rather pretentious. I wanted my design to have absolutely no theme, to say "why does art need to be meaningful? Why can't art simply be because something looks good?" I wanted it to be simple and common, like dappled shade or two people dashing through rain. Something so common that people don't even see it as being beautiful or artistic.

The thing is, people think art needs to have a message so they don't even conceive something so simple as a tree or a flower as being a work of art. I wanted to say with my work, that art doesn't need to be insightful or meaningful, art can just be beautiful.

But in reflection this whole discussion is rather ironic. Arguing over the simplicity of art makes the whole thing more complicated than it really needs to be.