Unmarked thoughts

[ Last night in Toronto I had the great pleasure to accept, on behalf of Sohmer and myself, the Joe Shuster Award 2008 for Outstanding Canadian Web Comics Creators. What does this mean, dear readers? It means we f***ing ROCK! ]

The other day, I read someone as being an award winning author and selling various award winning novels, but I knew from experience that said author and said novels sucked wang.

The thing about award winning is that it can mean anything, just like "99% fat free" can mean everything and nothing.

I hereby declare this livejournal award winning. It, as of yesterday, won the Kamini Award 2008 for Australian, Female, Livejournalists living in Sydney, aged 21 and has both Taiwanese and New Zealand heritage, two siblings, a nephew and estranged parents. What does this mean, dear readers? Absolutely nothing!