World of Warcraft: Illidan Dead

Illidan dead.

Kinda cool to think we came this far when I never expected to see Kael'thas let alone Black Temple.

I'd like to think our story brings hope to casual raiders everywhere. We only raid 9 hours a week. That's 7 hours less than the average raider. We can kill Illidan after 7 hours of learning (for us, this was like 2 full learning nights) and most bosses within the week of seeing them for the first time.

We've managed to bring together a pretty awesome team.

For me, it's not so much about the game. It's like a sense of accomplishment people get from playing sport and winning the championships. It's taking pride in teamwork and the trust you have between other players.

The strategy we used relied heavily on trust. I have to believe in the skills of each assigned person to do their job and to do it well without help from me. I have my own task entrusted to me. We work together like cogs. You could have someone really cocky who thinks he's better than everyone else and needs to cover everything. He'll fly across the raid to heal the MT because the hp seems low at that point. By the time he gets there, someone on the other side of the room - his responsibility - has carked it. There's no trust in that.

On this note, I feel this guild has better players than my old raid. I won't say I didn't like the people in Tofu, because I WUB them, but having a 40 man raid means you have to have lower standards. I feel in retrospective, there was only a select group of healers in my old team whom I could fully trust to do their job.

So cheerio to the awesome healers whose high standards I still feel amazed I can achieve.

The Burning Crusade Expansion has really made me value good dps. Back in the old 40 mans, you could get away with the slack dps because the raid relied more on the healers and tanks. Now, so many boss fights have timers or some kind of dps check that your raid needs to complete.

I think Fnopi has it right though. Every raid has core gamers. The main tank, some healers, the best dps, the guys who turn up every raid without fail and top the charts every raid without fail. Our current guild absorbed alot of these players when their old guilds disbanded, leaving a group of core raiders from everywhere that nearly makes up the entire raid. There are the guys who was pushing 1k dps in Kara.

Even our tanks are pretty awesome. You'd have to be, what with the crazy aggro our dps generates.

I wouldn't say either that I would be friends with all these people in real life - certainly there is one or two whose personalities I find extremely abrasive - but mutual respect works just as well as friendliness when it comes to teamwork.

My guildies found this picture immensely funny but I don't see it. Nonetheless, this is the strat we used for phase 1, 3/4 of the Illidan fight. P2 not done because I honestly had no idea what the melee and fr tanks were meant to be doing, all I know is that they did it right.
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