Reading: Initiate's Trial...?

So I was flicking through all the good parts of Stormed Fortress last night and wandered over to Janny's forum this morning.

Was immensely surprised to learn the next book in the arc occurs 200 years into the future. Looks like she's gonna dump alot of old characters and move in with the new. Mearn... Sulfin... QQ

Being 200 years later means we won't even know anything about Arithon's immediate daughter, unless she gets a lil help from the Koriani or the Fellowship - although I think it would be odd that they would want to do that to her.

Still... 200 years. That's really interesting and suddenly I'm keen to read it.

I'm rather pleased by the idea that Talith's spirit may have been reborn in Sulfin's descendant. Of course I know the coincidence of her appearance is merely that; but clearly Lysaer doesn't think so ;P

I'm also afraid I must say that I am really rather fond of Lysaer and hope he can finally be redeemed for some happiness.