Role models

I just realised... there is no one I admire in real life. I admire people's work but never the person themselves.

All the "people" I admire are fictional characters.

When I think about it, it seems to be because there is something corruptable about living people. Money, fame, earthly possessions can pull a man down. But if that person is fictional, they are untouchable. I can always think of them in that state where they are perfect and pure.

I am rather insulted by the idea that fictional idols don't count. Why should I worship something as shallow and meaningless as another human being, when I can worship the essence of what is an idea?

Thrall stands for honor. Jaina for righteousness. Sylvannas, to some extent, is a representation of adamance; this unbreakable will to get what she wants.

Should I admire an actress or a pop artist, who only represents the many vices of man?