Tiananmen Square. July 4th 1989: Finalle

Final essay on project:

The event of Tiananmen Square shows best the differences between East and West. There is no way to resolve the opposing factors. This is not like a story where you can easily say: "yes, if he had done this and this, then the disaster could have been avoided." Because the fact is: neither side were in the right. The government had no right to send the army on the students, true. But the students first threw down the gauntlet. To say: "Change or we'll kill ourselves - and if we die, it will be your fault for not changing" and expect there'll be no repercussions? How idealistic and foolish. And worse, this is somehow shown as being noble in the eyes of the West. No compromise, both sides say, and we pretend to be shocked when tragedy occurs.

Because I feel the event has no solution and is frankly depressing, I choose to focus on something that I could make a statement on.

The act of censorship by the government; the imprisoning of free speech. Ignorance can only harm and I am a strong advocator of a person's right to knowledge. Censorship is only a margin away from propaganda. The word propaganda has strong negative connotations, thanks to the Nazi regime of WWII. But I find there are very few people who understand that censorship and propaganda as being under the same umbrella.

The two statements on the poster are my heart's thoughts on the act of censorship, the media's greatest crime.

The first; about history. You can write about history as if it was a story but this doesn't change the truth. Truth is an intangible element, untouchable.

The second; a man's voice. Man has this desire to have a choice to be free. It is not about the freedom - because men are unhappy without boundaries (i.e. social) - but the illusion of being free, to give them a choice. A bird living in an open cage. When the door is closed, we revolt. This is a kind of sardonic belief of mine because man will quite happily be guided to death if he thinks he made the choice to get there.

But I digress.

In this poster, which is pretty self explanatory, I wanted to show that when I say "stronger in oppression" I do not mean "louder." You do not have to be loud in voice to be strong of will.

The posters are also done in a blunt kind of fashion, especially the typographic one, which ironically makes them good propaganda material.