Narnia and Susan

Susan isn't left out because she reaches sexual maturity. She's excluded because she forgets about Narnia in favour for shallow worldy things - appearances, wealth, popularity. The direct quote from the novel The Last Battle is: "She's interested in nothing nowadays except nylons and lipstick and invitations."

I am not even sure how someone could possibly have mistaken this for boys - especially other authors who are meant to set much value in the real meaning of words.

It makes more sense to me in this way, considering the whole Christianity theme behind Narnia. During the rapture, the ones who love the world are left behind. Part of the reason for the abandonment of Susan is her lost of innocence - not sexual innocence, but faith innocence - although honestly, Aslan didn't abandon Susan, she turned her back on him and claimed Narnia was just a "funny [game] we used to play when we were children." How can someone possibly mess this up, it's like we didn't even read the same book.

Yes, I have the book and I'm looking at the quotes right now. I'm not a Narnia fangirl, I just believe in seeing what's actually there and not what I _want_ to be there. I hate people like that. Make up shit for your own agenda, why don't you.
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