Ok, so next project.

Design a corridor in our school. Can use all elements - lighting, spatial - within constraints of the building.

I have a vague idea - since trends are always getting outdated, there is nonetheless one issue of graphic design that never changes.

This balance between form and function. We are not artists who only look at form and we are not engineers who only study function. Graphic designers are a weird, creepy hybrid. So I was thinking to make this corridor like a "battle" or a blending of two opposing elements into something that is visually pleasing: which is the role of the graphic designer.

Perhaps using nature and mechanic at two opposing ends that clash into something, or use "real" elements like fire and water to symbolise it.

I prefer the style to be elegant - like that guy who does all those ink paintings... wossname x_x - since we have teachers who need to use this corridor and older students are well. I really think the graffiti or more graphic styles are applicable to youth culture and not to the broader age range of students.

One thing I really want to avoid is use of humanoid characters, since there will be retards (no names mentioned here) who will insist on drawing male anatomy all over them.

As a side thought; we could put a lot of footprints all over lower half of the walls - just to piss Boris off when people try to match their own footprints on it.