Something wicked this way comes...

Bride of the Embalmer still remains one of my favourite questlines.

Morning sunshower on the lake outside Mulgore's Inn.

Toxic bat shit thanks to Lady Vashj. The one in the middle is our MT.

My brother pointed this out to me; the female dwarfs in Silithus wear thongs...

Florette and Cainga in Stratholme reading a book.

It started to rain while I was questing and I happened across this empty house. There's NPCs here now.

Florette in birdform nesting in Nagrand. Can druids get pregnant while in animal form? lol

We ran the length of the tram line as everyone must do in their wow lifetime.

Standing above the dam in Loch Modan. This dam has to be one of the coolest things in WoW.

Theramore has some great questlines now.

The story of this nightelf always makes me a little sad. It's a great detail though that Blizz put in.

Feralas with doodads turned on max.

The dragon was hungry...

It will be great when there is dynamic shadows in WotLK.

CoT instance. Medivh is such a pansy.

The first time I saw this quest dialogue, I wanted to adopt the kid.


Lucky shot.

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