Visual Character Descriptions

Visual character descriptions


This blood elf does not seem to notice you looking at her.

There is nothing remarkable about this person. She is wisp thin and shorter than average. She has a figure that is politely termed as boyish, although you note that an ironing board would have better measurements. She has dark circles under her eyes, pale skin and looks washed out.

She suddenly glances at you and you start. The green of her eyes is so vivid it seems to burn.



This blood elf stares back at you.

She is a perfect specimen of the Sindorei. She is beautiful, tall and well built. But there seems to be something unmistakably angry about her and she glares at you defiantly, arms folded, legs planted, chin raised.

It seems to be a challenge of sorts.



This night elf glances at you briefly before returning to what he was doing.

He appears young, as far as you can tell. He is slightly taller than average and lean. The paleness of his skin appears to make him glow. Every now and then, he runs his fingers through his hair which has been carefully curled to frame his face.

He stretches slowly and deliberately; you spot him looking at you mockingly out of the corner of his eyes.



This appears to be a young woman in her mid twenties.

She is short but has a well-rounded figure. She slouches slightly and keeps her arms tucked in; giving the impression she is trying to take up less room than she currently does. She seems to have doe eyes and a heart-shaped face, although it is hard to tell behind the curtain of her hair. She has large hoop earrings and a ring strung on a chain around her neck which she keeps fidgeting with.

Her eyes slide away from yours when she notices you looking at her and a faint flush suffuses her cheeks.



This undead looks back at you expressionless.

He does not blink. Characteristic of the undead, he has no facial movement and stands motionless. You find it hard to read anything about him.

He wears a goblin air freshener around his neck, although you would not know if this was voluntarily.


Sunflower (other races):

This tauren waves shyly when you look at her.

She towers above you and scratches her nose occasionally. She seems happy as her tail waves to and fro. She wears a tribal earring made of ivory and bone. You notice she has a leaf trapped in her left braid.


This tauren waves shyly when you look at her.

She is a skinny youth. Her braids are bound with deerskin leather. You know she is versed in the healing arts from the foliage braided in her hair, but the earrings denote her as a Druid of the Claw. Her mousy brown fur is soft and healthy, with the shine of a well groomed coat. She has large blue eyes, a ready smile and fidgets restlessly with her tail.


I have a hard time describing Alared. She is physically perfect, but I didn't really want to say that for fear of making her sound like a Mary-Sue. Alared looks perfect but she is an angry mess of emotions inside.

I like Dascen's one the best. Strictly speaking, he's not incredibly good looking, he just likes to think he is (although what guy doesn't. /rollseyes)