Unmarked thoughts

The ugliest thing in this world is man. I have always been a little shy; but now I simply have no desire to know people. Show me one person who is good and kind and sincere.

I want to believe there is hope for us yet, but I can't imagine it. How can people be so cruel? How can people be so thoughtless? As if they could not imagine what it must be like to be a victim.

I have become aware recently that what I thought was just natural logic actually appears to be something quite unique in this world. I do not want to believe that empathy is a rare commodity because that path only leads to certain doom for our race. Maybe we are simply too selfish to change.

I have been wondering if this empathy and imagination go hand in hand. Certainly if you can not imagine what it must be like to be someone else, you have no qualms about violence or abuse. Yet it is more than that. There must be something dark that dwells within us, some hunger than can only be fed through vice and viciousness. So we can only feel good about ourselves when we pull other people down.

I hated the words said. I could only find myself wanting to scream at them; 'aren't you meant to be her friend?' Wanting to cry. I have never been affected so deeply by casual conversation. It seemed to me, in a couple of seconds, that I had lost all faith in humanity. Murdered by heartless gossip.