Priestly thoughts and rants.

I hate to say it (out loud) but I am a bloody awesome priest; even though I'm terribad at theorycrafting and worse at class formulas. I have seen and known some pretty awesome priests (also some pretty mediocre ones) but the ones who are good are the ones who use their skills instinctively. Reacting fast to achieve the best results.

I guess this is what I am missing most at the moment in Wrath. Sunwell really challenged this aspect of healing and I loved it. A fish loves water and a bird loves to fly. I love healing on instinct, without thought, like breathing.

Priest is like this more than any other healing class because we have a huge arsenal of healing spells. Two dps are getting hurt, what do you use? You're standing in bad shit but the tank is coping heavy dmg, what do you do?

Because we're such a well balanced healing class, it's an easy class to play as a good healer but it's not easy to play as a good priest.

As a priest, your expectations should be double of every other class. You should be topping every healing chart, managing your regen more tightly than any other healing class, watch your spells like a hawk to reduce overheal and wasted mana. You should be sensitive to aggro because you're wearing fucking cloth. You need to be able to eye a tank and judge how much healing he will need in an instance. You need to be able to choose instinctively on a person at 20%, 2x flash heal or bubble and greater heal (heck, maybe now would be a good time for the angel wings).

If you can't do that, then for god's sake, learn. I am always so embarassed to see priests outhealed by similar geared druids - ever since when I was a resto druid preBC, wiping my hooves on the healing charts with my trusted rank 4 healing touch. I won't deny druids are incredible healers. Our healing leader pulls off some of the most /amazing/ healing I have ever seen with not leaf out of place.

But I am a priest. I will cheer at the trees and then whip out the CoH and leave only sawdust in my wake.
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