AM VERY GRUMPY; please ignore

My ears perked at the sound of our raids being opened up for alt rotation.

You see, my druid, who I have geared up excessively for tanking is at the stage where there is no more upgrades to be gotten outside of 25 man.

And I am pretty confident in her abilities and stats at this moment to MT everything up to Sarth 2drakes; enough to think my priest, if given half the chance, would have zero problems healing my druid - knowing well that healers tend to go 'erk' at the sound of their 25 man raid tank being replaced with an ALT.

Playing a healer as a main means I am far more sensitive about making life as easy as possible for my druid's healers. I find in general, healer alts are much better at the whole tank/healer relationship than dps who think changing a cloak and talent build will make them tank worthy.

I would say I am overgeared for the content I am doing. Our raid has no druid tank anymore, what with Bj switching to death knight (which is to our loss I feel. Though he is a wonderful dk tank, Bj truly was THE best hybrid I have ever seen, could pump out substantial dps as moonkin, top healing as resto and then switch into bear to OT Illidan), and since Burning Crusade made me fall in love with being feral all over again and Wrath made me fall out of love with healing on the priest, I would have cheerfully switched mains to druid if:

1. My raid leader did not protest loudly at the loss of my priest;
2. We didn't have a severe tank overflow at the moment, with 3 warrior tanks, 1 dk tank and 1 pally tank (called pallytank. Talk about being born for the job.)
3. A certain person in raid who will not stop harassing my druid on the claims that she hates female taurens (seriously getting quite annoying now. Not to mention that female taurens are the second cutest thing horde side to male taurens. Some people are just crazy.)

And since we were doing sarth 3D, I couldn't help but wonder if a druid tank would not be extremely useful at times, or atleast to have the option of a well geared druid tank available for future encounters. Even though I think this is slightly unrealistic of me as healers are a far rarer commodity and so my priest will always be wanted more than my druid.

But either way, I am nothing if not helpful. I got heaps of advice from Clownie, ex-bear-extrodinaire. I even trolled bear blogs and EJ feral forums for theorycrafting. I wanted healers to think of my fuzzy butt kindly. The week after I hit 80 I spend a huge amount of gold and time, farming up crafted materials to be able to tank heroics, and then spent a huge amount of time farming heroics to tank naxx 10, and then spent a moderate amount of time farming naxx 10 to be able to tank naxx 25 (naxx 10 proved surprisingly obliging to my needs).

Seriously. The above? I actually crunched numbers for my druid. I don't even do that for my main.


The first naxx 10 I did, my stats were already overgeared for entry-level because I KNEW healers hate healing people's undergeared alts who wanted free loot from farmed content. I was OT with my brother and we cleaved through that place like a hot knife through butter.

A week later, I was MT with my other brother as OT and I lead 9 other people on a merry dance of follow-the-bear through four wings of undead, spiders and a fucking goo spitting floor of death, went on to hand Sapphiron his arse and then presented the corpse of Mr Bigglesworth to Kel-thuzad. I had put a pretty ribbon on it.

I was MT with a pug on naxx 25, inadvertantly, after healers discovered I was more competant and better geared than their current tanks (who would've thought bears would turn out to be such great dancers? Certainly better than that flatfooted paladin who couldn't count to four.)

I even led other people's deadweight alts through the place, their tank alts filed under 'dps' because they simply hadn't put in the time to gear them up properly to OT the place with me.

So you can imagine just how ANNOYED I am when these same alts are now trying to compete with my druid for a tanking alt slot in the 25 man raid. These alts I dragged through content, giving them the gear they put absolutely no effort in earning first.




I get extremely upset when people claim I loot vacuum. Because I have only done that once, on my priest, the first naxx 10 I went to, after weeks of sitting out so other healers could stop crying about not getting a slot.

On my druid, I have never loot vacuumed. Contrary to the thought, calling me that denies the effort I actively took to do otherwise and it really hurts.

*deep breath*

/cast Tranquility(Rank 6)
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