Priest Change 3.1

Since you can read about it anywhere else, I'll just summarize my thoughts on it.

We're fucked.

Regen has been completely shatted on. Serendipity and Rapture both got very big nerf bats, nerf bats disguised in the silky cover of talent revitalization, but underneath it's still a fucking nerf bat.

I am actually very worried about my regen now; you can see they are actively trying to minimalize what regen options we have by removing hymn of hope completely (it was a poopy skill true, but it was MY poopy skill) a process that is being carried out into the lower tiers of holy and disc with the revamp of rapture, serendipity and holy concentration.

In short. We are fucked. I am not talking about the oofrs change, I am talking strictly about talents.

I won't deny that holy might be more interesting, but what use is that powerhouse of healing worth if you heal for say 30 seconds and then run out of mana?

I took a great deal of pride in being MT healer on Sarth 3D as HOLY, despite being told everywhere else about using a disc priest. My view always has been: anything disc can do I can do better. Sure, as holy my mana pool actually drops as the fight progresses, but I manage my mana confidently enough so that I never run oom while solo healing (and the druids can keep their innervates!) I don't need to be disc to have an infinite mana pool, I just need to watch myself better.

But with these changes, I am no longer confident about being able to do the same - I even have my doubts about disc having the same bottomless depth of mana as before. Meaning Sarth 3D could suddenly become very bad when you run with a team of 6 healers: 3 priests, 2 trees and one shaman (if we're lucky).

Sigh. I really wish we had a more diverse team of healers who can actually, you know, stay connected.
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