Obligatory Whinge About Morales or Lackthereof

I don't watch television. This is not to say we don't have a television because we do and it's usually used for things like Halo parties, Kingdom Hearts marathon or the standard Rock Band concert.

I don't watch television because I had no interest in it. Today I think I worked out why.

I switched it on for a bit of noise. There was some standard sitcom going on, in which the girl was going to break up with a man she had been sleeping with for the last two months or so. She claimed this was because there was no love between them so she didn't want to continue.

My god. You've been sleeping with this man for eight weeks and you have no feelings for him?

When did sex have so little meaning?

Is it particularly backward to make sure you love a person before you sleep with them? I just thought that was how it was meant to go. You know, final confirmation of the feelings between two people.

But no; apparently sex is as common as breathing or maybe having a cup of coffee. You can have it with some random you picked up off the street that night.

Because it means nothing.

I spit on today's culture.

It even worse when you think about the little kids watching this crap, subconsciously conditioned into thinking like these people.

Maybe it's just me? I just don't know how anyone can be so intimate with someone they don't love.