Shh, watching Heroes

John came back early and is staying with us for the week. He also brought three seasons worth of Heroes and we've been watching it.

Very intriguing! We have the whole family sitting around discussing it. /lawl

I am trying to find the kindness in my heart to like the geeky japanese guy but it's just not possible. He's just too naive and too uh, stupid. Well, stupid isn't really the right word - he's invulnerable to damage because he's foreign and goodnatured. In fact, Hiro is exactly like Twoflower from Discworld. I find this a little unbelieveable.

I do like his whingy friend though.

Peter is too damn emo. We're only nearing the end of season 1 and Simone just got shot full of lead (didn't see that one coming actually) Peter's haircut at this stage is like standard emo issue. /facepalm

I don't mind Claire but I'm over the whole memory thing with her dad.

Don't know who I like the most... maybe Isaac cause he's kinda hot. /cackle
Heroes becomes a trainwreck of retardation in one of the seasons (or so the word on the street says). I forget which one. Like all the other shows of that year I got stuck where the writer's strike ended and forgot to keep watching when it came back ;~;. First season was good though.
Could be season 3, I heard season 2 was better than 1 but 3 was like meh.

I am stuck somewhere in season 2 because our dvds are fail and don't play very well.

I am also kind of drifting off now because I find the Peter arc really quite boring @_@ And Hiro is a goddamn pain in the arse.
Yeah, I think it's 3. Mohinder turns into a spider man and characters keep dropping the idiot ball everywhere and OH GOD IT HURTS PLEASE STOP.

I kinda liked Claire's Dad, Noah. Which is sad irony? Being the only guy WITHOUT superpowers...