Been brushing up on my css.

I had done a flat version of it on my comp, but it's no fun when you stare at it and it doesn't function as you had designed.

But it's a little frustrating working within the confines of the blogging engine. Some of the things that work or don't work, I'm not sure if it's cause I messed up or if it's something to do with the blog format.

I had this great idea for dynamic skinning, which should work... in theory. Except it doesn't. So now I dunno if it's cause I messed up the javascript or if the html of blogger doesn't let you stick javascript there. And the help files are about as useful as a chocolate helmet.

Anyway, it's empty for now, and since I really don't think I can be bothered commiting to two blogs, it'll probably stay that way. 'Course I could put my Elitist Priest Rantings there so I don't come off as a total nerd here.