It's done. I mean, I think it's done. Nearly. Maybe one or two odd words I can fix up.

But it's mainly done. Sitting at a very comfortable 31 pages or ~9,700 words.

But I am feeling ok about this one, for once. Surprisingly. I've read it over often enough that I can semi-quote it and it's pretty polished to me - atleast, moreso than Voice of the Earth which I need to fix in some places and get some research to clarify certain points... which is why I HAVEN'T fixed it.

I really want to get someone to beta it except:

1. it's fucking embarrassing
2. Jerry couldn't beta read for the life of him
2a. I have no intention of letting him read it because some of it is rather personal and is recognisable to him which would lead to 1)
3. Mark couldn't beta read for the life of him
3a. refer to 1) and 2a)

My only real issue is I wonder if the flow of the story is hard to follow... I can easy solve it by introducing a little thing called colour, but that is such a crappy way of shifting time. I mean, I think it's fairly obvious but as the writer you always do.