Reading: A Storm of Swords

There is something wrong with these books.

Don't get me wrong, I love the detailed characters and the intricacy of the storyline very much. The writing is not heavy but sufficiently polished as to not be amateur.

And it's not that there are too many characters, although there certainly are a lot of them - I do get names confused especially with so many minor background characters who suddenly reveal themselves as to be important in some way. That doesn't bother me.

But I can not 'get' into these books.

The problem narrows down to the chapter length. There are so many and it's written about a different character each time. I am just getting the hang of the whole thing, just ready to really dive into their perspective when the chapter is over and I have to start all over again with a new character.

The end result is something like rather than delving deep into the rich lore of the world, I am skipping over the surface of it like a pebble across a lake. It's incredibly frustrating because I can see there is something amazing and miraculous down there but Martin just WON'T let me get any closer to admire it.

So at the same time I love these books but I hate them.

Does that make sense?