Neverwinter Nights 2: But well...

I tell you though, whoever wrote Casavir's lines is a pure genius. Great stuff, really makes him more of a person and less of... well, the dude you had a one-night stand with. I actually found myself being very fond of him at the end. Lovely wry humour with the just right dash of shyness. I approve! <3

Also, since I was actively trying to chat up Bishop this time around, I took him everywhere with me and I found titbits of Obsidian character development squirreled away in the hidden recesses of the game. Bishop actually had heaps of lines that let you peek at his insides, it's just a matter of knowing where and how to get them to show. (ie. not taking Casavir with you because the bloody paladin would take all the screen time otherwise) They are all super subtle though which I love... LOVE. It's perfect.

WTB more subtlety plz