Neverwinter Nights 2: A character breakdown of Bishop

Now that I think about it.. a true Bishop romance thing should be a highly abusive relationship; largely focusing on why the fuck would a girl want to be involved with him anyway. That could actually prove to be quite intellectually stimulating.

I wonder if it's possible to write such a thing? Rather than focusing on trying to reform Bishop's character (to er, 'tame' him as the saying goes, oh god I want to vomit), it should be the PC trying to cleanse themselves of this (he even gets a mention in that list!)

So the aim of this relationship is to not so much as make him fall in love with you, but rather for the girl (not the PC, the actual girl playing) to realise he's a lost cause and to dump his arse, thereby freeing herself and moving on to better and not so emotionally disturbed men.

That's realistic and even holds valuable life lessons!

I'm still thinking about this. =/ I just felt so upset by that stupid mod! ><


I've got it. Bishop should be genre savvy. He knows the Badboy thing works to his favour and he should play on that /constantly/ to try and get the PC to fall for him. His goal is to make her fall in love with him, not because he likes her or respects her (although that may come in eventually) but so he can /hurt her/. And here we pray that the girls playing will see how disturbing this would be in real life.

Then follows a period of odd courtship - I'm thinking a lot of sexual overtones - and remember that Bishop is an unreliable narrator so anything he reveals at this stage about himself may be an outright lie, a rare truth or a half-truth based on what he wants the girl to feel. He's actively messing around with her feelings after all: this could even be based on her alignment. Mingled in with his 'sensitive side' is a good dose of abuse*, meant to test the PC. He wants to see how far he can push her before she snaps and tells him to fuck off.

The moment she does that, he should tell her that he loves her, and it should be up to her to decide where to go next. As for the honesty of his confession, that should be up to the PC to decide. The thing is, Bishop doesn't know, he just says it because it binds her to him again. So it could be true and he doesn't know it, or... it might not be and he's just being a dick.

And, because you can't manipulate people without some kind of effect on yourself, he should had formed some kind of attachment to her, but as with everything Bishop touches it should be slightly perverse, perhaps possessive. (Not quite the word I'm looking for, Bishop isn't exactly possessive, but he's certainly got something of a rivalry going on with Casavir. It's very much a fight over the PC's regard, not her day-to-day actions. In other words, if she's fallen for him, he doesn't really care if she sleeps around or chats up other men, because she belongs to him inside and that won't change.)

So if she dumps him, Bishop's betrayal would be tainted by petty revenge. If she doesn't, it's like this crowning moment of awesome when he smashes her heart completely. One should keep in mind that regardless, Bishop has become rather... confused by this stage and he's more than aware of the irony in the current situation; the danger of really falling for the girl he was fucking around with. So another aspect of his betrayal would be that, to prove to himself that he doesn't care.

But the final question should be if he does or doesn't. If you look at his lines in the ending, he's clearly going to kill you anyway despite the... confusion (or perhaps because of it), and you could only convince him to walk away by mentioning that he was now Garius's bitch.

You could say that he has fallen for the PC but I feel that interpretation should not clearly defined in his lines. He has strong feelings but the exact meaning of it should be ambiguous, because once again, Bishop doesn't really know - as in, he doesn't really understand love, so how should he know if he's in love? He just wants out!

*It's all emotional abuse. I am know Bishop would never hit the PC, because that tends to throws women off when they are in the process of being wooed. As to whether he would hit women in general, well... I am not sure. To be honest... I don't actually think it's past him to rape a woman if he was driven enough. Most likely he would refrain from doing to a stranger on the basis that he doesn't need to get laid that way.

But it's quite an interesting thought as to whether he would actually hit a woman. He would kill them, yes, but hitting is on a different level altogether. It's a sign of disrespect and dominance, not just violence. Killing can be done for a variety of other reasons, the base one being good ol' fashioned hate, which Bishop seems to have an excess of.

On that note, I don't actually think he would hit a woman, just like he wouldn't hurt animals - Bishop doesn't really seem to go for the dominance thing, just alot of spitefulness. You can hurt someone much deeper psychologically, rather than physical beatings.

I don't know, beatings is just so... crude. It's very confusing because he seems to have that kind of exterior, harsh life, not squeamish with a bit of torture, not at all hesitant about extorting sex out of women. But I don't know. I can't really see him beating a woman or a child and enjoying it much.

Is this wistful thinking speaking? It's very curious.


I would talk about Casavir, but seriously that guy is... flat. There's absolutely nothing to say. He's got like maybe five lines in the whole game and 4 of them are about Old Owl Well.

The romance pack for Casavir was done very well anyway, I don't feel the need to poke it. <3

Gann might be fun to tear at, but the guy is basically Bishop with all the evil shit taken out and some mom issues. I wuv Gann, the ego makes him so cute, especially when you realise he just plays it as a facade. X3

Haha; whoever wrote that entry for Bishop got it so right.