Art: Bishop of Neverwinter Nights 2... accompanied by rant.

There I was, happily clicking away on my mouse when I stopped and actually thought about what I was doing.

I was doing fanart.

Of Bishop.

"NOOOOO!" I screamed in horror, and my brother, who had been stroking his shiny new electric guitar of which he does not know how to play, raised an eyebrow.

I went for a little lie down, crying into my pillow. Oh what a fool, you are, I thought. You fight back so hard that you miss the pit and fall right in.

Having concluded my soul dissection, I shrugged and went back to what I was working on.

It's almost kind of like... Ehwhatareyougonnado? I am not surprised I like him; seeing as he is probably one of the most fascinating characters in Neverwinter Nights (which admittedly does not have all that many...) and is certainly the most intriguing companion in the OC.

This is coming from someone who actually listened to all that additional crap Zhjaeve says about the githzerai and the Proclamation of Two Skies and Zerthimon and Gith and Sargassa's End. I actually thought the racial history there was quite interesting, but Zhjaeve was like... did she even have a personality? Probably Ammon is the next most well thought out character, but since he spent the first half of the game as your villain, he has to have SOME backstory.

Plus well. Bishop's kinda hot. There, I said it. UGH. /facepalm

His voice actor did a really good job. Asa Seigel, a man of whom no one knows anything about. I fiddled through the hidden sound files and this guy got it spot on with the creepy factor. I mean, shit! I was intimidated just by listening to the sound files. I can't imagine how scary Bishop would be if he was up in your face and spoke like that. O_O

... I'm scared just remembering it... T_T

But when he's trying to get into your pants, his voice is oh so sexy. In a really aggressive, scary way. But still. Grr. /is scared and turned on and wonders if there's a word for that.

Still, sexy is sexy, but he's not a very pleasant person. When was looking up screenshots for references I kept seeing people cry about why did Bishop betray them and they wished he didn't, he's hot etc etc.

I was like all: fuck man, are you retarded? He betrayed you because that's his CHARACTER. That's what makes him so awesome; he's so totally fucked up and is a complete dick. Stop whinging about the fatal flaw in his personality, it's what makes him memorable, dipshits! Maybe if you like, read some books and spent less time watching goddamn reality tv you'd understand how narrative fiction works. Asswipe.

Yeah, it annoys me. You'd think people would simply appreciate an awesome character instead of crying about how it didn't work out as in their little fantasies. Geez. Stop trying to reform him or wishing you could reform him because Bishop is fine as he is. No where else have I seen quite the perfect son of a bitch as I do here. Elizabeth Haydon tried to do it with Achmed, but seriously, Bishop would own his ass so hard in a game of fucked up dickheadery.

I bet George Martin would come close though. The Hound maybe? But he likes Sansa and it's almost guaranteed he'll be nice to her. See, if he had raped her instead, then that would totally be Bishop. Ha!

What? I didn't say I had a good opinion of him, I just like his butt...


I really enjoy working with vectors. I like how I can sit back and realise the scaling is a bit off and fix it in a couple of seconds instead of redrawing it completely. Because this ALWAYS happens to me. I suck at planning ahead. I just suck in general.

The background is so uninspired LOL

... I really did laugh out loud as I typed that. Shit, when did I last sleep?

It's a big image. I should probably link it away. Ah, who cares.

He had an interesting facial structure I find. He's got a very narrow chin but a rather square jawline. I just thought this combination was quite unique. His jaw could be squarer and chin narrower, but it kinda got to a weird point and I decided to stop.

I prefer his ingame design over the concept art, to be honest, although I had to get references from both. I didn't even know he had a bloody tattoo for one. Did you know that? I mean, wouldn't that be one of the things you'd totally ask him about? Yet there's no mention of it at all in game. Pity.

The concept art gave him some very pretty coloured eyes; all yellows and greens and rich browns like the carapace of a beetle. I just went with a hazely green. Any more than that and I feared to be accused of fangirlism.