My brother got the beta and hasn't slept in two days.

I kid.

Or am I...?

Anyway, the landscape is very pretty. More so than LotrO. I am very impressed by this actually.

But... the characters are too goddamn pretty. It's like being force fed icing sugar. It's nice. Then your tongue starts to feel fuzzy. Your teeth are aching. Next thing you know, you're about to vomit.

Frankly you spend about 30 minutes making your character and then you log in and realise everyone looks the same anyway; like plastic dolls. Oh sure, Francie looks different from Blonde Bombshell, but does that matter when they're both Teen-Talk Barbies?

My feeling with asian mmos, especially the sort that love to reuse Lineage's engine is that there is no /soul/. How does one give a game a soul? Such a conundrum.
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